AMY Music DAO wins XRPL Grant

AMY Music DAO has been selected by the XRPL Grants program as one of the winners in the second wave of grants.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that our project AMY Music DAO has been selected by the XRPL Grants program as one of the winners in the second wave of grants.

We are thrilled to receive the endorsement of Ripple, the and the XRPL Foundation that guides, shapes and supports developers who, like us, want to demonstrate the value that Blockchain technologies can provide, in the forms of DeFi, NFTs, Payments, Service and Governance to all.

Musicians worldwide have been swept by huge winds of change in the last 3 years – the way people create music has changed fundamentally. The way musicians earn their money, has changed even more;

While many Music and Blockchain related projects are focusing exclusively on producing musicians and speculative NFTs, with a “short-term” perspective and “get-rich-quick” vision with no attention to the real needs of the developing musicians and communities, the AMY Music DAO is focusing entirely on a long term, sustainable and community driven vision of providing value to all musical artist from the moment they start thinking about playing an instrument to the moment they get up on stage.

The AMY Music DAO project aims to create an authentic ecosystem, for musicians to grow and develop their music-selves, making good use of the tools offered by web3 – at the intersection between real needs and innovative services. This vision has begun with the 2 live apps AMY Music to connect musicians and services and AMT Studio a full studio management system.

Thanks to this Grant the AMY Music DAO can now venture into creating use cases for Payments, NFTs, and Governance of the DAO. We are happy to receive the support and guidance of the XRPL community, and we look forward to create synergies with the other grantees and likeminded projects, in order to make DAO the form of association that will forever change the way we create communities. Stay tunes, as the AMY Token airdrop is soon to be announced. Spoiler alert: if you have a profile in our app, you will be an airdrop recipient, and the more complete your profile, the more tokens you will receive.

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