Coke Studio Sessions the virtual gigs project organized by Coca Cola with the partnership of #BeApp

Coke Studio Sessions the virtual concert project organized by Coca Cola with the partnership of #BeApp

In May, Coca-Cola and #BeApp, a new virtual gigs-viewing platform, launched the Coke Studio Sessions, an exclusive musical performances project streamed for sixty consecutive days.

Coke Studio Stage

Three shows streamed daily with over 100 artists worldwide, including Katy Perry, Anitta, DJ Khaled, Bebe Rexha, Miguel and Steve Aoki.

Coke Studio Sessions Cover – Coca Cola – #BeApp

BeApp’s first live streaming weekend began on May 14 with Diplo and DJ Khaled performances, among others.

The concerts’ reruns were archived on the BeApp or Coca-Cola YouTube channel within 24 hours after streaming.
Coca-Cola claims to have discussed Coke Studio sessions long before the pandemic with BeApp but has accelerated the launch with the entry into force of the Lockdown restrictions.

“Coca-Cola remains committed to uplifting the human spirit and fostering connection while we’re apart during these unprecedented times,” said Ricardo Fort, VP, Global Sports & Entertainment, The Coca-Cola Company. “By providing 60 days of living, interactive music content fans can share and enjoy with others, we hope Coke Studio Sessions will provide small, daily moments of entertainment as we adjust to this new normal.” 

“The idea that led to Coke Studio Sessions was born well before lockdown, so, fortunately, we were able to react quickly and set up the program with #BeApp in a matter of weeks,” Fort said.

“We’re excited to offer such incredible music content and experiences – which we know Coca-Cola fans around the world are thirsty for during this season of isolation and uncertainty – and look forward to seeing what the future of our partnership with #BeApp brings.”

Live-streamed concerts have emerged as an entertainment staple during COVID-19, with independent artists and major stars alike broadcasting at-home sets to quarantined fans via social media. #BeApp offers a single destination for a full menu of both scheduled live streams and archived content.

The #BeApp platform

BeApp is a new social streaming platform that allows live access to the best artists’ performances, and to the greatest shows and music shows, bringing the most loved stars directly to the public’s home, in a sort of a global virtual lounge.

Downloadable for free, the app allows you to tune into a series of immersive virtual experiences, comparable to those of concerts and live festivals.
It also integrates gaming and social media elements with live streaming, allowing users to have a fun, shop, donate and interact with their favourite artists.


These are some of the main features of #BeApp:

  • In-App Sharing: Sharing feature will encourage fans to invite friends and family to join them during the live stream.
  • Currency/Points: By continuously interacting and sharing through the app, fans will earn in-app points and currency redeemed for prizes, functionality upgrades and more.
  • Prizes and Upgrades: Prizes include upgraded access to “front row seats,” artist shout-outs during the live stream and #BeApp swag.
  • Front Row Seats: “Front row seats” offer fans a greater digital presence during the live stream, including having the user’s photo and name visible to all viewers.
  • Donations: Fans will have the ability to donate to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to support Covid-19 relief efforts.
Fans will have the ability to donate to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to support Covid-19 relief efforts.
Coke Studio Sessions: Kate Perry

Internationally renowned artists who participated in Coke Studio Sessions could be the key to attract content-hungry fans and to ride the wave of growing interest in virtual concerts.

With this exclusive partnership, Coca-Cola is clearly focusing on what is today the main global trend.

The Budweiser Rewind experience

Another project that testifies to the explosion of this trend is Budweiser’s recent initiative, “Rewind”, a series of interactive live concerts on YouTube.

Saturday, May 16 – Budweiser REWIND – Black Eyed Peas

A project that focuses on artists like The Black Eyed Pease stimulates viewers to request songs and ask bands through social media.

The Covid-19 emergency led to the suspension of concerts and music festivals. For this reason, more and more artists are using streaming apps to engage their fans, opening up exciting new opportunities.

By Sergio Curadi Naumann

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