DEVICE TIPS & TOOLS (Device Tools Effects and Tricks) tips and tricks for the realization of your self-produced demo – test of software and plugins with videotutorial (here there is to talk about it because the realization is not as immediate and simple as it seems) – articles of help and advice for the purchase of low and mid budget home recording devices (sound card, microphones, headphones, monitors, etc …) – given the infinite forest of plugins on the market and freeware, you could do “the plugin of the month ”which describes the characteristics and functions of a specific plugin or software for home recording.

AMY Review – EHX Stereo Talking Machine by Luca Candellero

Amy Review: EHX Stereo Talking Machine

By Luca Candellero  23/01/2021

AMY Review – EHX Stereo Talking Machine by Luca Candellero
A highly customizable envelope-controlled digital vowel filter…

Orange Terror ST/AMP the review… the real one

By Luca Candellero 

Orange Terror ST/AMP The review…the real one
In the jungle of power amp pedals, one screams louder than many others is the Orange TERROR ST / AMP.

We have unpacked and tested it well and the result is excellent.

Music monks

By Luca Candellero 

Nowadays we are all a bit monks, locked in our cells to meditate on the future of the world asking ourselves what about our skills and consequently our lives

My beloved “White” and “Cowgirl”

Who wins?

By Luca Candellero 

The eternal struggle between active and passive pickups.

Orang Terror Stamp

Will my sound leave a mark?

By Luca Candellero

One of the products that intrigued me the most, presented at NAMM 2020 is a guitar amplifier: “The Terror Stamp by Orange“.

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