EFX Music, To be or not to be ?

By Luca Candellero – 20 jan 2020

Does your sound represent you? within Musicians Tools, it is starting a journey that does not want to be just a series of technical data sheets or a pedestrian list of specific topics and “tips & tricks” for crazy and voracious guitarists.

My aim is to begin a speech that will include something a little more philosophical and deep than a magic plug-in or a brand of super-cool pickups.

It’s a recurring and fundamental theme in art, and has always been a subject of discussion and research.


Wich is, how can I express myself without looking a bad (or beautiful; easier to be ugly though …) someone else’s copy? How do I play blues without tripping over Hendrix, B.B. King or Clapton and not being contaminated to the point, to completely lose my identity? How do I combine my Fender Stratocaster with a Marshall without my sound being irreparably packed and boxed in that typical sound that has characterized rock for the past 60 years?

Many people long to achieve just that, one day…

But this is not that day, it is not my intention to start a path that leads me to copy, maybe even in an excellent way, someone else.

On the other hand, it is very difficult to resist that charm and not to be raptured by the beauty of that sound. But we must tame the forces of evil, not even let ouselves be enchanted by the spell and have the strength to take the most tortuous way to arrive at the end of the path, to the room of wonders

Your style, your own sound.

A wonderful combination, almost a superpower.

I want to ble clear, I don’t presume to be a guru to achieve musical nirvana. I’d like you to be curious and start a journey that might, one day, will allow you to gain that superpower. The search is yours, and only yours will be the spoils.

I am still on the road and can only tell you based on my experiences, some tricks, methods or tools that could help your quest.

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