Lolla-2020 Virtual Festival

Lollapalooza will be streaming free on YouTube from Jul 30-Aug 2

Lollapalooza will be streaming free on YouTube from July 30-August 2 – Lollapalooza celebrates live music with Lolla2020 virtual festival exclusively on YouTube, to include music performances by PAUL MCCARTNEY, METALLICA and other

Lollapalooza celebrates live music with Lolla2020 virtual festival weekend exclusively on YouTube, to include music and performances by PAUL MCCARTNEY, METALLICA, CHANCE THE RAPPER, OUTKAST, ARCADE FIRE, YEAH YEAH YEAHS, VIC MENSA, H.E.R., KASKADE, ALISON WONDERLAND, ZHU, PERRY FARRELL, MICHELLE OBAMA, MAYOR LORI E. LIGHTFOOT, LL COOL J and much more.

Metallica – Paul Mc Cartney – Lolla2020

Lollapalooza is an itinerant annual music festival, born in 1991 thanks to Perry Farrell, singer of Jane’s Addiction, which sees alternative rock, rap and punk musicians perform, as well as dance and theatrical comedy shows.

Every summer, thousands of music lovers go down to Chicago’s Grant Park to enjoy a weekend full of high-level talent in Lollapalooza, but this year, due to the ongoing pandemic, the celebrations in person have been postponed to 2021.

After canceling the festival this year, the event organizers announced “Lolla2020” which will be a live streaming event.

Lolla2020 – Virtual Festival

As described on the festival website, there will be more than 150 shows to be available during the four-day broadcast, in a combination of previous Lollapalooza sets and new live originals, including international editions, original shows by artists from all over the world, set of classic archives of some of the festival’s most famous headliners and a series of special late-night shows.

Among music, Lolla2020 will highlight important causes for the history of the festival, the community, and the home of Chicago.

YouTube and Lollapalooza have a bit of history: the festival sets have been streamed on YouTube over the past decade. This is the first entirely digital exhibition in the history of the festival.

Lollapalooza isn’t the first festival to offer a digital alternative.

One of the biggest festivals, Tomorrowland, recently streamed a virtual version of one of the most important festivals that people can watch on digital platforms. – The Digital Festival

Virtual festivals became a staple in 2020.

Now all that remains is to synchronize starting from Thursday for Four-Night Broadcast Event to air July 30-August 2.

The full lineup and schedule of performances will be announced on Wednesday. Visit for more information.

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