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Stories of Concerts, Events, Productions, Backstages, Stories of the preparation of a performance and of the pre and post performance moment, episodes of the relationship with the Fans, of the relationship with the producers and managers of Music Venues, of the reports in the Recording Studio and in the rehearsal room , interaction with teachers and schools, concert_rock musique live show.

ZIO LIVE a music venue born of passion @Curadi Internet of Artists

ZIO LIVE a music venue born of passion

By Sergio Curadi Naumann

Passion is the main ingredient of any new project, especially in music, and the story of ZIO LIVE is born almost casually from passion.

Meeting Carlo Forti is like meeting an old friend, or rather his ZIO (uncle), a nickname nicely given by the Milan community’s musicians, who welcomes you with great sympathy and simplicity in his little big house of music.

How to grow a live music venue with a little budget

By Riccardo Torriani 

Imagine a nice, tiny venue located in a small town.

Imagine food there is excellent, every single detail is handled with passion, and customers’ presence is growing. Nonetheless, something is still missing to make the atmosphere warmer: live music.

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