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Stories of musicians: life stories, stories of passion for music, the choice of musical instruments, musical studies and training, ideas and projects, partners and road companions, musical choices, sacrifices, satisfactions, tours and live concerts, anecdotes and experiences
From Pop to Rock, to Classical, to Jazz, to Electronics, to Rap, to Trap, musicians met wherever the opportunity presented itself: backstage, cinema, concerts, at home, using computers, skype … a real tour between the notes without patterns and without limits, where the protagonist is the freedom to express the inner world from which the Music is born, Music that is in each of us but that only a few, privileged, can make it so rare and sublime through the voice and the tools, with a lot of work and sacrifices from youth and before.


Here are some real Music Makers

By Sergio Curadi Naumann 

The indie rock band Brunettes Shoot Blondes spent 3 years building a 20-piece hybrid instrument played by 2 musicians: The characteristic is that the instrument is completely mechanical and has no electronic component! Here are some real Music Makers.

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Photo by Brett Sayles- Pexels

The Unbearable lightness of “playing.”

By Stefano De Maco 2 weeks ago

Many musicians live a sort of “Unsustainable lightness of playing”, misquoting an old Milan Kundera’s book. Which, of course, is euphemistic and sarcastic at the same time. Because “playing” is never easy, even when you learn it. Regardless of the musical genre, every musician must face a series of obstacles worthy of Hercules’ 7 labours.

Joe Bastianich in concert - @Curadi - copyright Internet of Artists 2020
Joe Bastianich – @Curadi – copyright Internet of Artists 2020

Joe Bastianich: how music influenced my life

By Sergio Curadi Naumann

We met Joe Bastianich during the tour of the New York Stories concert of music and words that accompany the release of his first album Aka Joe 

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